Shipping containers to give New York pier new life

Jan 18, 2013 by admin

New York seems ready to move ahead with the project to overhaul an aging pier on the Hudson River. Pier 57 would roof top park and open-air market sitting atop art studios made out of old shipping containers, according to this story on

The old containers would keep the industrial feel going on the pier.

And Boston has a mixed-use project called Puma City that was made from shipping containers, which gave New York the confidence in this proposal. It was also cheaper than other proposals for the site because much of the building would be prefab. There are still concerns about the structures, however.

The company that came up with the plan is LOT-EK, which also did the Boston project. The New York project is projected to cost $191 million and take two years.

Baltimore has old piers. Baltimore has shipping containers.payday loans Where might we encourage such a development?